I love Food Network. I love Bobbly Flay. Naturally, I had to check out his restaurant, Mesa Grill, while I was in Vegas because - DUH! - I’m a huge fan and why not? The man knows how to work a grill AND he’s an iron chef. He must know a thing or two about good food. 

The restaurant is located in Caesar’s Palace and it was quite the journey there from Planet Hollywood since it was 100 fucking degrees outside. None of that humidity business, but straight-up burning heat. The restaurant is brightly lit with high ceilings so it feels pretty roomy. They seat you and give you a complimentary BASKET of baked goodies. LIKE A BIGASS BASKET full of pastries, muffins, corn bread, etc. Bobby Flay has your back!!! This man really knows how to please a hungry crowd. Anyways, it was brunch time so I ordered the Spicy Chicken + Sweet Potato Hash that came with poached eggs. It was yummy and the sweet potato offset how salty it was. Everyone else’s food tasted a bit too salty for my liking. The hash looks like two tiny scoops of the mix but it was surprisingly filling, so no more hunger complaints from me! 

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